CHANEL is highly involved in the fight against counterfeiting and mobilises very significant internal and financial resources on all continents. CHANEL relentlessly pursues counterfeiters by initiating legal proceedings and participating extensively in awareness campaigns to inform consumers of the risks they face.

      The fight against counterfeiting goes beyond simply protecting our brand image: it of course involves protecting our creations, but it also focuses on protecting consumers who may be misled about the quality of products, which, moreover, can present risks to their health.

      To reduce risks, CHANEL's strategy also focuses on controlling all the stages of a product's life, from its design to the customer experience, as well as rigorously selecting our distribution partners, which, for our customers, is a guarantee of having access to authentic products.

      Concretely, CHANEL conducts investigations, raids and legal actions against all players in the counterfeiting chain: these include manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, resellers, and logistical support for storage and payment. This fight also takes place online, with actions carried out through sales platforms, direct sales websites,  and even social media and mobile applications.

      For this reason, CHANEL relies on the laws of the countries in which it operates, since in the majority of these countries, it is illegal to manufacture, distribute and sell counterfeit goods, while in others it is also illegal to possess them. CHANEL has therefore instituted numerous legal proceedings against counterfeiters and works in close collaboration with police and customs officials, who are also very involved in this fight.

      CHANEL also participates in outreach efforts that aim to raise consumer awareness about the risks related to counterfeiting, notably health infringements, financing of illegal activities (terrorism, organised crime, illicit arms sales and illegal drug sales), and child labour.